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Calm Sea

I Equip Students With Strategies To Navigate Fear, Uncertainty, & Doubt So They Can Move Forward In Life With Confidence!

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Teaching communities basic lifesaving skills, including how to give CPR, escape a rip current, and respond to the currents of life with a healthy mindset. Donna delivers powerful strategies to effectively overcome any obstacle thrown one’s way.

About Donna

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Donna Bollinger is a powerhouse speaker with a compelling and relevant message for our youth. As a former Ocean Rescue Lifeguard and Basic Life Support instructor, she takes her real-life experiences on the beach and transforms them into dynamic life lessons. Her passion for equipping young people with life-saving tools as they navigate the strong currents of life is unmatched.

Donna captivates the attention of students with her high-energy and heartfelt stories. She is a natural on the stage, thanks to her many opportunities to inspire audiences with words, stories and songs. From catchy raps that teach to performing the National Anthem, Donna is a true entertainer.

As an elite-level triathlete and two-time National record holder for swimming, she found herself better at running her mouth than the race, and became the announcer and emcee instead.

Donna taught Heisman Trophy winner, Doug Flutie, how to perform CPR, and impressed a US President, when he joined her on a running trail and discovered she was listening to The Power of Positive Thinking.

Her joy of being a Mom to four amazing young adults fuels her daily and she’s continually inspired by her mother, who received a Congressional Award for youth advocacy.

Donna's Talks


Break That Grip

Lessons From The Ocean of Life tells the true story of a family rescuing themselves from a rip current, and explains how surviving in the ocean is like surviving in life. Learn how to respond like a lifeguard and remain calm in the face of stressful situations.

CPR Starts with The Heart

CPR Starts with The Heart uses the foundations of CPR instruction to teach life principles and equip young people with memorable tools to deal with anxiety, insecurity, and stress.

Donna's Testimonials

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“Many thanks for your wonderful presentation. I especially admire how well you were able to keep the whole class engaged —between funny jokes and a powerful message. I hope you can visit us with another inspiring word soon!”

Cameron K

“Donna Bollinger's commitment to ocean safety and education is
unparalleled. "Break That Grip" and "CPR Starts With The Heart" are
inspiring and appropriate for a wide range of listeners. I am more equipped today than I was prior to hearing her presentations. I highly recommend Donna for your next event!”

Marvine G

“Thank you so much for coming in and talking to my Peer Mediation class in honor of National CPR Day. Your message was beyond powerful and impacted everyone in the room. They left understanding the importance of CPR, but more importantly, they left empowered to RISE and to SOAR. I know your influence did not stop in my classroom because I heard my students sharing your story with others.”

Kristen L

Donna's Book

OVERWHELMED? SCARED? AFRAID? These 3 words only BEGIN to describe the feelings that rushed through Donna. She faced an angry ocean and a powerful rip current that threatened the lives of her son and nephew. But these words are ALSO experienced by many young people today as they face their own “rip currents” in life.

In Break That Grip, Donna shares the powerful parallels between respecting the ocean and respecting life. She shares her heartfelt stories and equips young people with strategies to free themselves from their inner critic. Repeatedly applying the easy-to-remember steps will produce more positive outcomes, and we’ll experience a brighter life. This book is for people who want to expand, evolve, and finish strong.

Audio Book Now Available!

Break That Grip

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Donna Bollinger is a powerhouse speaker with a compelling and relevant message for our youth.


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