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Satisfied students, parents, teachers, administrators & readers.

School Principal

Ms. Bollinger’s high energy and passion shine through as she helps students develop strategies to ‘break the grip of the rip’ not just in the water, but in life as well. The lessons our students learned will serve them well as they face life’s tough choices now and in the future.

Richard Dunkel
School Safety & Security

Thank you so much for coming in and talking to my Peer Mediation class in honor of National CPR Day. Your message was beyond powerful and impacted everyone in the room. They left understanding the importance of CPR, but more importantly, they left empowered to RISE and to SOAR. I know your influence did not stop in my classroom because I heard my students sharing your story with others.

Kristen I.
NFL Wife & Mother

I had the pleasure of listening to Donna share at a women’s conference in North Carolina. I quickly realized that Donna is a gifted speaker and advocate. What makes her message so compelling is that she speaks from her heart. I sincerely believe that her transparency and desire to make those around her better will continue to impact so many.

Michaela S.

Thank you for your time to talk to us about life lessons while teaching us CPR. When you shared your story about your son and the beach, I could tell how much you care and that touched my heart. I learned that it doesn’t matter where you come from, you can achieve anything you want as long as you work for it. I enjoy hearing from other people and their views on life. So it has been great to hear from you and you definitely made a difference. Thank you.

Gigi K.

I wanted to thank you for giving your time to the West Orange Peer Mediation class. I speak for all of us when I say your presentation skills are phenomenal. You had so much confidence and passion when presenting us with how to perform CPR. That day I learned so much valuable information that I will remember for the rest of my life. I hope you know how many lives will be saved because of your teachings. Thank you again so much for providing us with such useful information.

Jack B.
A Father 

Wow! Where to begin….Break That Grip was outstanding!! It was very thoughtful, insightful, honest, and helpful. It brought tears to my eyes. This book is a great accomplishment and will continue to save many lives. SOAR is a great reminder to lead a “bright life” worthy of admiration, no matter where you are in life.

Dr. John Sanders
NFL Players Wives Convention

Donna Bollinger’s commitment to ocean safety and education is unparalleled. “Breaking the Grip” and “CPR Starts With The Heart” are inspiring and appropriate for a wide range of listeners. I am more equipped today than I was prior to hearing her presentations. I highly recommend Donna for your next event!

Marvine G.

Thank you so much for speaking to our class! I really appreciate you taking time out of your day to share such an inspiring message with us. I loved everything you had to share and I have already started to spread the messages of RISE and SOAR. I felt every word you said and felt how truly passionate you are about this. Thank you for the impact you are making in this world.

Tiffany R.

Thank you so much for coming into our class and speaking to us. I was inspired by you a lot. Your words of wisdom encouraged me to better myself in situations that may cause me anxiety. I learned that my biggest enemy is myself and that once I overcome my head trash and personal bullying, I can SOAR and go farther.

Aliyah H.

Thank you so much for coming in and sharing your story and telling us how you overcame your hardships and how we can overcome ours as well. I am going to look at some books to help me with my anxiety and bring up my positivity! I love how you were talking about how situations are affected by your mindset. One thing that you told me after class that I will remember forever is how thoughts are like placing an order. I love that analogy and can’t thank you enough for your positivity and energy!

Lauren M.
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