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"Something Good Will Come Out of This!"

Updated: May 29

The Magic Mantra: Finding Solutions in Every Challenge

Have you ever had times when everything seems like it’s just not going to fit together? I have a guiding light—a simple, powerful message that keeps me going.

Months ago, I faced a series of seemingly insurmountable problems. Whenever these challenges get me down, I repeat a mantra that’s become my lifeline: "There’s a solution to every problem, and I KNOW we’ll find it. Something good will come out of this!"

This isn’t just positive thinking; it’s a declaration, a commitment to staying open and receptive. By saying this to myself and everyone I encounter, I’m inviting solutions, opening my mind and energetic field to possibilities beyond my immediate understanding.

  • Every time I face a new hurdle, I repeat my mantra. It helps me calm my mind, overcome the fight-or-flight response, and remain open to creative solutions.

The Power of Belief

Saying this phrase transforms my approach to challenges. It’s like calling on divine guidance to assist me at every step. The more I say it, the more solutions appear, often unexpectedly.

This mantra is about finding answers and cultivating a mindset of possibility.

As soon as I start saying my mantra, something good emerges from setbacks. These setbacks make me a more empathetic and effective communicator, not only with others but also with myself.

Why This Works

When you affirm that there’s a solution, you open your mind to answers that might be outside the box. You move beyond the limitations of panic and stress, allowing your intuition and creativity to flourish. It’s like magic, but it’s also practical.

Try It for Yourself

The next time you face a daunting problem, try this mantra. Repeat it to yourself, share it with others involved, and watch solutions unfold. Don’t forget to call on divine intervention if that’s part of your belief system, and stay in a space of forgiveness and possibility. I promise the solution—or something even better—will come to you.

As our country experiences turbulence, let’s keep repeating: There’s a solution to every problem, and I KNOW we’ll find it. Something good will come out of this!” 

This mantra makes life an exciting and fun adventure.

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