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Discover Inner Peace This Summer With


Lessons From The Ocean

Summer is here! Are you heading to the beach?

I recently returned from a beautiful trip to the North Carolina shoreline, and I was struck by how the ocean mirrors life itself. One day, the water was calm and clear; the next, it was rough and murky. This ever-changing nature of the sea taught me valuable insights about life's journey and the process of healing and transformation.

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Embrace Your Journey of Healing

Like the ocean's waves, we all have old suppressed feelings that surface. Instead of resisting them, learn to:


Allow and embrace
these emotions


Address them with grace & forgiveness

Stabilize your feelings
by journaling


Release them back into the sea of life

By doing so, you'll eventually gain clarity and peace.

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You’re Not Alone

Everyone has past pains that need to be:

  • Observed

  • Allowed & Understood

  • Reframed & Released

Making space for more positive energy is essential for personal growth and happiness.

A Life-Changing Strategy

A profound experience in the ocean completely transformed my perspective on life's struggles. The second time I was caught in the turbulent sea, a strategy I developed and taught others saved our lives. This strategy, detailed in my book, BREAK THAT GRIP, helps escape the grip of fear, uncertainty, and doubt (FUD).


  • Proven Strategies: Learn to apply techniques for overcoming life’s challenges inspired by the ocean's currents.

  • Action Journal: Accompanying prompts help you internalize and practice these strategies, making them second nature.

  • Transformational Insights: Discover the importance of connecting with profound wisdom and guidance from seasoned lifeguards & philosophers.

Get Your Copy Today!

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Take BREAK THAT GRIP With You This Summer​​

  • Perfect for your beach bag, Kindle, or to listen to on your earphones

  • Includes a FREE downloadable Action Journal

Order BREAK THAT GRIP… LESSONS FROM THE OCEAN OF LIFE today and begin your journey to inner peace and joy. Let the simple steps in this book warm your heart and help you rise above life's challenges.

Transform your life with the wisdom of the ocean.

Get Your FREE Action Journal Now!

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