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Updated: Jun 10

Summer is here! Are you going to the beach?

I just returned from a beautiful trip to the North Carolina shoreline, and I am continually amazed at how the ocean is just like life!

One day, the water was so calm and clear that you could see your feet with each step forward. The next day, the ocean was rough and murky, and I had no idea what my feet would discover with each step.

The ocean heightens our energy and offers us valuable insights. I also got to experience a full moon shining and reflecting over the beautiful Atlantic Ocean.  

Watching the waves made me embrace my journey of healing and transformation. We all have old suppressed feelings that come up like waves. Instead of pushing against them, allow, embrace, address them with grace and forgiveness, and then release them back into the sea. Eventually, you’ll gain clarity.

You’re not alone. Everyone has pain from the past that needs to be observed, understood, and then let go of to make space for more positive energy to flow.

A profound moment in the ocean completely changed my outlook on life‘s struggles. A second time caught in the turbulent sea was much easier for me, thanks to a strategy I developed and taught to others. The strategy saved our lives. 

BREAK THAT GRIP is an exciting journey of awakening to the importance of connecting with more profound wisdom and guidance from seasoned philosophers and current-day neurologists. By comparing my life experiences to the unpredictable currents and power of the ocean, I’ve learned to apply the same proven strategy for escaping a rip current to escaping the grip of fear, uncertainty, and doubt (FUD) that my mind conjures up from specific memories stored in my brain.

After my initial wake-up call in the ocean, I went on a quest to learn more about the power and patterns of the currents and the power and patterns of thoughts, which philosophers have studied for centuries. BREAK THAT GRIP offers a fun, fresh, and simple way to apply age-old wisdom, coupled with studies on how our brains work, to everyday life. I share my experiences and sincere attempts to make life seem brighter, especially when turbulence strikes.

I also include prompts for you to apply my strategies to your current situations that may be gripping you with fear. I created a separate journal with the prompts in the book for readers needing more space to write. The colorful print version of the journal can be purchased on Amazon along with the book, or you can download it for FREE if you click HERE. Please print it out or fill in the PDF and see how getting your thoughts out of your head can help you spring out of bed!

Dr. Andrew Huberman, one of my favorite neurologists, explains that journaling offers many mental and physical health benefits. Documenting challenging or distressing experiences aids in the brain's adaptability and change, a phenomenon known as neuroplasticity. This form of writing can enhance your clarity, alleviate feelings of anxiety and depression, and even boost your immune system by helping the processing of profound emotions and thoughts. The best part? It's a simple practice you can easily add to your daily routine.

You’ll want to read and reread BREAK THAT GRIP until a lightbulb goes off. By journaling along with the prompts in the Action Journal, your new way of effectively responding to strife will become second nature.

Get the book today and journal away. You’ll soon feel like everything is OK!

I aim to introduce these two life-saving strategies, explained in the book and spread joy and love with simple steps to warm your heart and rise above. 

Make sure to get BREAK THAT GRIP… LESSONS FROM THE OCEAN OF LIFE for your beach bag, Kindle, or to listen to on your earphones.

Buy an encouraging signed copy of Break That Grip


Donna Bollinger

Founder D1 Productions

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